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About Me

Brittain Bass, M.Ed, LPC


Eleos (Ἔλεος) is a Greek word that means mercy and compassion on those who are unwell.

I love being a therapist, and I am passionate about helping others work through

tough situations and find ways to live more purpose filled lives. 

I seek to help find out what is standing between you and your goals,

and to pursue a better life for you together. I believe your

time is valuable, and so I will work hard with you to confront the

things you may do to get in your own way, and work toward

healthier ways of thinking and feeling.

While I do personally believe true healing is found in 

faith in Jesus Christ, I do respect that not everyone wishes to include

these values in their counseling process.

I am a graduate of the University of South Carolina and Clemson

for undergraduate and graduate work (though my blood runs garnet).

I am a best friend to a golden retriever, a husband, a huge fan of good coffee,

and an even bigger fan of trying to help others. If this sounds like a good fit,

please reach out and let's  get to work together.

          A few issues I specifically focus on are:

  • Anxiety & Depression

  • Religious Distress

  • Men's Issues (Emotions, Relationships, Anger, etc)

  • Communication (Parents, Teenagers, Partners)

  • Gambling Issues

  • Cancer & Other Chronic Illness

  • Grief

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